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       Dr. Greene is a master performance coach who trains musicians, dancers, singers, and actors to achieve optimal and peak performances under pressure. The primary strategy that he teaches is known as Centering. The Centering process has proven effective in helping performing artists to focus and channel their nervous energy into winning auditions and peak performances.

     Performance Mastery covers an in-depth exploration of intense focus, flow states, and the zone. You’ll discover practical ways to increase the frequency and intensity of your peak performances and the amount of time you spend in the zone.

     Dr. Greene details his proven strategies through his work with 1st time audition winners at the Met, Chicago Lyric Opera, the Atlanta Symphony, and on Broadway. He also shares his training of Juilliard students, Wall Street traders, professional golfers, Olympic medalists, and World Champions.

     You’ll learn how to create the peak performance results you desire in activities that require intense focus and superior functioning.


       Dr. Greene’s books teach essential skills for performing artists, including channeling performance energy, developing confidence, improving self-talk, focusing past distractions, switching from left-brain to right before playing, building courage, recovering from mistakes, dealing with adversity, and becoming mentally tough.
Performance Skills Inventory


       Do you know what’s keeping you from performing your best under pressure? There’s no reason to guess. The Performance Skills Inventory will give you immediate and precise answers with the Performance Skills Profile. The program includes a workbook, 11 Strategies for Audition and Performance Success, which will help you make significant improvement in the areas identified as your weakest.

Trailer: 2:58
Download Centering Video
Total Running Time: 17:30

Centering Video I

This video will teach you about performance anxiety and how it can negatively affect musicians.

You’ll also learn how to Center. Centering is a very powerful focusing strategy that comes from the martial art of Aikido and modern day performance psychology.

Centering has proven effective in helping musicians to control and channel their nervous energy into winning auditions and peak performances. After you learn and practice the 7 steps, you’ll be able to Center in less than one minute.


Download Centering II Video
Total Running Time: 14:55

Centering Video II

This video will teach you how to get Centered, anywhere, anytime, in less than 30 seconds. You’ll learn why Centering is such an effective strategy for helping musicians to perform well under pressure.

Dr. Greene explains the importance of switching from left-brain to right, and getting into an Alpha mind state immediately before playing.

You’ll practice the choreographed movement of your instrument from a position of rest to playing in one flowing movement. You’ll be starting out in Alpha.


Download Centering III Video
Total Running Time: 15:00

Centering Video III

This video will teach you how to get Centered in less than 10 seconds. You’ll be physically and mentally set up to perform your best.

Then you’ll be ready for the Simulation Training. These high-energy exercises will simulate some of the symptoms musicians experience in high-pressure situations.

Rather than fighting the adrenalin or trying to suppress the energy, you’ll learn how to use the extra energy to power your best performances and take your playing to a much higher level.

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