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Recent article in Sonic, a brass players’ magazine in Germany, translated into English.

By Markus Bebek, Assistant Principal Trumpet, Frankfurt/Main Opera Orchestra


As a musician you have to meet a lot of challenges your whole life: auditions, contests, solo-recitals or “just” the normal service at the orchestra or concert.


Especially in the last years the pressure to perform in the above mentioned disciplines increased – but the matter of nervousness respectively the right way to handle pressure is still a taboo.


The author Don Greene finally puts a focus on this matter with three books that should be mandatory for every musician.


PERFORMANCE SUCCESS: Performing Your Best Under Pressure
In this book Don Greene describes techniques, which should help musicians on stage to deal with the enormous pressure. In the foreword he admonishes teachers who’s only advice for their students is to relax in order to deal with nervousness.


But how are you goint to relax in a Tschaikowski contest? Or trying to relax when you just spent $900 on a flight ticket for the audition for the only flute job this year? Don Greene himself says: “Don’t try to relieve the pressure – that is not going to work!”


The goal of this book is to show what techniques can be used to improve your performance on stage. This is a book that straightens half-truths and incorrect ways of thinking in regards to value performances on stage. It is strongly recommended!



AUDITION SUCCESS: An Olympic Sports Psychologist Teaches Performing Artists How To Win
This book has what it takes to be a recipe for success for auditions and conservatory acceptance exams. The sports psychologist proves in this book that he well knows the situation of auditions and acceptance exams: “Three minutes can be decisive test for the rest of your musical career… you should be prepared for this!” In various dialogues with musicians, he uncovers mistakes that could prevent their success in auditions. He gives them valuable advice and details, on how to win the audition or get the job at a conservatory.


Amongst other things, he deals with topics like how to avoid “Negative-Talk” and the importance of “Centering”, in order to be fully concentrated in the Here and Now.


Like the other books by Don Greene this isn’t pleasant bedtime reading. It demands hard work and self-reflection, but I really like the friendly presentation and intelligible language in this book.



FIGHT YOUR FEAR AND WIN: 7 Skills for Performing Your Best Under Pressure – in Work, in Sports, on Stage
The third book is not explicitly aimed at musicians, but also concentrates on situations in other professions and occupations, like sports and business.


But the basic approach is the same: How do I fight fear and reach my career goals? Don Greene first explains important terms, like the different kinds of motivation, the will to win, different kinds of energy and forces, and so on.


All those aspects can perfectly be transferred to the music profession. Also, like in Performance Success, you are first asked to fill out a questionnaire to be able to focus on those chapters, in which ones you have accumulated needs.

Maybe this book is especially appealing since it doesn’t just focus on the specific area of life within the music profession.


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