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In this lesson, you’ll learn how performance anxiety can negatively affect performing artists, even professionals, like the three featured in the video. Then Dr. Greene will teach them and you the 7-Step Centering process.


Centering is a proven strategy for helping performers control and channel their nervous energy under pressure. It helps musicians control their breathing, reduce muscle tension, switch from left-brain to right, quiet their minds, and do their best under pressure.


After you learn and practice the Centering process, you’ll be able to Center in less than one minute. You’ll be ready to perform well in high-pressure situations, like solos, recitals, and auditions.

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This video lesson will teach you how to Center and switch to your right brain in less than one minute.

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  1. Bily Foster

    “Dr. Greene helped me to become confident, free, and courageous with my singing. I use his Centering technique when I audition—now I focus completely on my singing, and not on what others may be thinking of me. Since working with Dr. Greene, I perform better and have won auditions consistently.”

    Penny Shumate
    Professional opera singer

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